Union Strong! Biden Secures Key Victory with Nevada Labor Backing

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Nevada Chooses Biden in Primary, But Eyes Shift to General Election Battleground

President Biden secured a predictable victory in Nevada’s Democratic primary on Tuesday, facing minimal opposition from author Marianne Williamson. While the race itself lacked suspense, Democrats see Nevada as a crucial swing state in the upcoming general election and are using the primary results to gauge their voter outreach strategies.

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Fabian Doñate, chair of the Latino Legislative Caucus, highlights the diverse tapestry of Nevada’s population, including a large Latino community and the fastest-growing Asian American and Pacific Islander demographic. He emphasizes the importance of building connections with these transient populations, especially in the lead-up to the general election.

Beyond demographics, union support plays a significant role in Nevada’s political landscape. Biden, touting his pro-labor credentials, met with Culinary Union workers and secured their support once again. He expressed his gratitude to these voters, calling them “the backbone of our nation.”

The primary also shed light on the complexities of the upcoming Republican contest. While Nikki Haley was the only candidate on the Democratic ballot, former President Trump will only appear in the Thursday caucus, creating a confusing dual-track system. This confusion led some voters to select “none of these candidates,” demonstrating the potential challenges for both parties in mobilizing their base.


Both Trump and Vice President Kamala Harris held rallies in Nevada, highlighting their campaign messages and emphasizing the state’s significance in the general election. Biden also made an appearance, meeting with union workers and engaging with the community.

While the primary results are in, Nevada’s political scene is far from settled. Both parties are gearing up for the general election, utilizing the primary as a springboard to solidify their strategies and energize their bases. The diverse demographics, strong union presence, and historical swing state status make Nevada a battleground to watch in the months to come.

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