Unbelievable! SpaceX’s Starship Makes History with Epic Ocean Splashdown

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SpaceX’s Starship program took a major leap forward this week with its fourth test flight, achieving a feat that had eluded them previously: a soft splashdown for both the Starship vehicle and its Super Heavy booster rocket. This mission, dubbed Flight 4, was a tense but ultimately successful one, marking a significant milestone in the development of this ambitious spacecraft.

Adam Bernstein/Spaceflight Now

The launch itself was a spectacle, with the colossal Starship thundering skyward from its Texas launchpad. This wasn’t your average test flight, though. This time, the goal was to push the boundaries, venturing deeper into the atmosphere during reentry and aiming for a controlled descent in the ocean.

Previous attempts hadn’t gone as smoothly. Flight 3 saw the Starship careen out of control, ultimately succumbing to the heat of reentry. This time, however, SpaceX had made crucial upgrades, adding redundancy and improving resilience. The gamble paid off.

A Touch of Scorch, But a Splashdown Success

The reentry wasn’t without its drama. Starship emerged battered, with heat shield tiles scorched and a steering flap damaged. But it held together, splashing down in the Indian Ocean. Meanwhile, the Super Heavy booster also defied expectations, executing a soft landing in the Gulf of Mexico.


This success wasn’t just about a triumphant landing. It was a crucial step towards reusability, a key element of SpaceX’s vision for Starship. By recovering these massive rockets, they aim to drastically reduce launch costs, paving the way for a more accessible future in space.

The implications for NASA are equally exciting. Starship is a frontrunner for the Artemis program, aiming to return humans to the Moon. This successful test flight is a major confidence booster, demonstrating the Starship’s potential to carry astronauts safely back and forth from the lunar surface.

Looking ahead, the future seems bright for Starship. SpaceX is already eyeing an ambitious Flight 5, which could involve attempting to catch the Super Heavy booster using the launch tower’s “chopsticks” apparatus. With each successful test, the dream of a Starship carrying humans to Mars seems a little closer to reality.

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