Tom Brady’s Roast: What You Need To Know!

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Inglewood, Calif. – After months of anticipation, the legendary Tom Brady finally faced the fire in a star-studded, Netflix-streamed roast that left jaws on the floor. It was supposed to be a night of lighthearted jabs, but amidst the flying jokes and zingers, there were moments of genuine tension that showed even the unflappable Brady has his limits.

Comedian Nikki Glaser summed it up perfectly – this was the Super Bowl of comedy. Forget football strategy, Brady was strategizing how to survive a relentless onslaught from some of the sharpest wits in the business. He knew the locker room trash talk; this was different. This was a televised, no-holds-barred takedown.

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Host Kevin Hart led the charge, wasting no time with a scorching reference to Brady’s ex-wife, Gisele Bündchen. The audience gasped – you could feel the room shift. Some jokes landed softer than a deflated football, but most hit their mark.

Brady Cracks (A Little) Under the Pressure

Then came the one joke that actually rattled the usually-composed quarterback. Jeff Ross referenced Patriots owner Robert Kraft’s massage parlor scandal, and Brady’s visible reaction spoke volumes. He walked right up to Ross, whispering a stern warning picked up by the microphones. The moment crackled with tension and even a hint of genuine anger from Brady.

Belichick and Kraft Reunite…Awkwardly

In a move that felt more orchestrated than spontaneous, Kraft and former Patriots coach Bill Belichick shared a shot on stage after a lot of prompting from Hart. The forced camaraderie was almost as awkward as some of the jabs, especially considering the rumors about a strained relationship between the two.


Belichick, of course, had his own chance to poke fun at Brady. The classic deadpan delivery as he credited himself for the Patriots’ success during Brady’s era was comedy gold, even if there was probably a sliver of truth in the joke.

Brady Fires Back (And Roasts Himself Too)

Don’t get it twisted, though. Brady dished out some burns of his own, especially with a dig about Belichick’s record since he left: Ouch. He’d clearly done his homework and came armed with a few zingers of his own. After all, who knows your flaws better than yourself?

Sure, Brady was undoubtedly a little singed by the end, but he ultimately held his ground. Hart was right – Brady showed true grit by stepping into the roast arena, proving he can (mostly) laugh at himself. While he might be the GOAT on the field, on that stage, he was fair game, and it was a wild ride to witness.

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