Phone Dead At The Game? No More! Inter Miami Unveils New Charging Stations, Powered By Duracell!

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Inter Miami CF Gets a Power Boost with New Duracell Partnership

Excitement crackles in the air alongside Florida sunshine as Inter Miami CF announces a multi-year partnership with Duracell, the undisputed champ of long-lasting batteries. This collaboration marks a historic first for Duracell, venturing into the vibrant world of “fútbol” and electrifying South Florida fans.

Imagine this: Inter Miami players, already pushing boundaries on the pitch, now have an extra edge thanks to Duracell powering their crucial training devices. GPS vests and heart monitors, fueled by Duracell’s reliable energy, collect data that translates to peak performance – a surefire recipe for on-field magic.


But the power surge extends beyond the players. DRV PNK Stadium is about to get a dose of Duracell magic too. Matchday signage will thrum with energy, while fans can rest assured their phones won’t die mid-celebration thanks to strategically placed charging stations. Duracell is committed to powering more than just the game; they’re powering the experience.

 Duracell and Inter Miami Partner to Power Up Community and Hope

The partnership isn’t just about hardware, it’s about igniting passion. Captivating content, co-created by Duracell and Inter Miami, will keep the fire burning even when the final whistle blows. This is about fueling fandom, building a community that thrives on shared love for the beautiful game.

“We’re built different,” declares Inter Miami’s Chief Business Officer, Xavier Asensi, echoing the shared spirit of the partnership. Duracell’s relentless pursuit of excellence resonates with Inter Miami’s own ambition to break boundaries and chase greatness. It’s a perfect match, as natural as a perfectly struck volley.

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Ramon Velutini, Duracell’s Chief Marketing Officer, highlights the partnership’s deeper significance. It’s not just about branding; it’s about supporting Inter Miami’s vision to elevate soccer across the United States. Every match, over 2,000 Duracell batteries hum beneath the surface, powering not just the game, but a dream – a dream of a vibrant soccer nation, fueled by passion and innovation.

So, get ready, Inter Miami fans! The future looks bright, charged with the unwavering energy of Duracell. This partnership is a game-changer, promising not just on-field victories, but a deeper connection, a community electrifying with shared passion for the beautiful game. Let the games begin, and let the power flow!

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