New Jersey Tremors Continue: Residents on Edge After Latest Aftershock

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For residents of Gladstone, New Jersey, the earth still hasn’t settled. This morning, a 2.6-magnitude aftershock rattled the town – another unsettling reminder of the powerful 4.8-magnitude earthquake that surprised the New York City area in early April.

“That familiar jolt…it sends a shiver down my spine,” admits Gladstone resident Barbara Howard. “My heart races every time.”


This unease is understandable; even weeks later, the aftershocks keep coming. The latest tremor follows another in Gladstone just this past Saturday, and a similar one back in April.

Experts warn this could be the new normal for a while. Small aftershocks can continue for days or weeks after a major earthquake event. While residents hope the worst is behind them, uncertainty hangs heavy in the air.

Science Amidst the Shaking

Rutgers University fellow James Bourke isn’t just feeling the tremors – he’s studying them. Bandages covering his hands reflect days of installing sensitive earthquake detection equipment. The goal is to shed light on the mysterious activity happening underground.


“With such a dense network of sensors, we might be able to create a 3D image of what’s happening beneath our feet,” Bourke says. “Not necessarily down to the fault itself, but the geological changes it’s causing closer to the surface.”

Local organization Raritan Headwater Association is also invested. High levels of arsenic in the area mean even small earthquakes could disrupt the geology, creating a potential risk.

Science might offer some answers, but for now, Gladstone residents grapple with the unpredictability of nature. Each rumble brings back the fear, the adrenaline – a lingering echo of the day the earth shook them to their core.

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