Integrated Graphene Welcomes New COO, Ushering in a Breakthrough Era

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New COO Signals Major Expansion

Integrated Graphene, the trailblazer behind the revolutionary nanomaterial Gii™, is shaking things up with the appointment of Andrew Lacey to the newly-created position of Chief Operating Officer (COO). This move signals a major acceleration in the company’s mission.

Lacey’s charge? Nothing short of transforming Integrated Graphene’s global manufacturing capabilities. His goal is to empower the company to sell Gii™ on a commercial scale across North America, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia-Pacific.


What’s so special about Gii™?

This unique, carbon-based 3D structure, made possible by Integrated Graphene’s patented process, is a game-changer. Its superior sensitivity and sustainability promise to push product performance to unprecedented levels. One of the most compelling applications is in point-of-care medical diagnostics, where Gii™ could enable lightning-fast tests that detect everything from heart problems to neurological disorders – anywhere on the globe.

A COO Ready for the Challenge

Andrew Lacey comes ready to hit the ground running. A chartered engineer with decades of experience in leadership and manufacturing, he’s no stranger to the intricacies of large-scale operations. From textile production to building complex manufacturing footprints for Volvo, he’s ready to tackle the exciting challenge of scaling Gii™ production.


“This is more than a job; it’s a chance to be part of something world-changing,” Lacey says. “Integrated Graphene’s technology has the potential to revolutionize how we approach everything from healthcare to everyday products. It’s thrilling to be part of making that vision a global reality.”

Jean-Christophe Granier, CEO of Integrated Graphene, echoes Lacey’s enthusiasm: “Andrew’s the right person at the right time. His deep expertise is exactly what we need to scale our manufacturing and meet the growing demand for Gii™. We’re on a mission to transform how the world tackles medical testing, and Andrew’s leadership is going to help us get there faster.”

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