Houston Police Chief’s Resignation Exposes Corruption at the Highest Levels

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Houston Police Chief Troy Finner Resigns Amid Controversy Over Suspended Cases

In a shocking turn of events, Houston Police Chief Troy Finner has abruptly retired from the force, effective immediately. The sudden departure comes amidst a reopened investigation into the department’s handling of thousands of suspended criminal cases, including nearly 4,000 sexual assault cases. The controversy has left the city reeling, with many questioning the integrity of the police department and its leadership.

At the heart of the issue is an internal department code used to suspend investigations due to a lack of personnel. The code, known as “Code 37,” was used in over 264,000 cases, sparking widespread concern about the department’s ability to effectively investigate crimes. Finner’s resignation has raised more questions than answers, with many wondering how such a critical issue went unnoticed for so long.

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The final straw for Finner came when an email surfaced, revealing that he had been aware of the code as early as 2018, contradicting his previous claims that he learned of it in 2021. The revelation has sparked outrage, with many calling for accountability and transparency within the department.

Mayor John Whitmire, who had previously expressed support for Finner, accepted his resignation, citing the need to move forward and restore public trust in the department. “It’s not an easy decision to see a public servant retire,” Whitmire said. “I am very confident it was in the best interest for Houston, the department, and for Chief Finner.”

A Fresh Start for HPD

Finner’s departure marks the end of a tumultuous three-year tenure, during which he faced numerous challenges, including the COVID-19 pandemic and the aftermath of the George Floyd protests. Despite his efforts to reform the department, Finner’s legacy will likely be marred by the suspended cases controversy.

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As the city moves forward, Assistant Police Chief Larry Satterwhite has been named acting chief, tasked with restoring public trust and overseeing the reopened investigation into the suspended cases. Satterwhite, a well-respected member of the department’s command staff, has pledged to do everything in his power to help victims of violent crime and bring resolution to as many cases as possible.

The road ahead will be long and difficult, but one thing is clear: the people of Houston deserve better. They deserve a police department that is transparent, accountable, and committed to serving and protecting its citizens. As the city begins the search for a new permanent chief, one thing is certain – the next leader of the Houston Police Department will have their work cut out for them.

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