Epic Showdown: Trump’s Attorney vs. Judge Kaplan – The Verdict Is In, and It’s Jaw-Dropping!

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A Trial Heats Up: Judge Kaplan Rejects Trump Lawyer’s Request, Tensions Rise

The courtroom in New York crackled with tension as U.S. District Judge Lewis Kaplan’s patience wore thin. Lawyer Alina Habba, representing former President Trump in the second defamation trial brought by columnist E. Jean Carroll, sought an adjournment for a family funeral. But Judge Kaplan, unmoved, delivered a curt refusal: “The application is denied. I will hear no further argument on it.”

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Habba, caught off guard by the judge’s decisiveness, attempted to press her case. “I don’t like to be spoken to that way, your honor,” she countered. But Kaplan, his voice firm and unwavering, repeated his command: “Sit down. None. Do you understand that word?”

The exchange, captured live by Politico reporter Erica Orden and shared on Twitter, painted a vivid picture of a courtroom drama unfolding. It wasn’t just the legal stakes that were high; the air hummed with a potent mix of defiance, frustration, and simmering anger.

Several Attempts To Push TRIAL?

This wasn’t the first time Habba’s request for a delay had been denied. Judge Kaplan, throughout the trial, has stood firm against attempts to push back the proceedings. And the reason for the urgency is clear: Carroll, who alleges Trump sexually assaulted her in the 1990s, has already endured years of public scrutiny and slander. This latest trial, stemming from Trump’s continued insistence on her alleged falsehoods, represents a chance for her to seek further vindication and, potentially, even more financial compensation.


Trump, though present in court for part of Tuesday’s proceedings, has made no secret of his continued denials and accusations against Carroll. His public pronouncements, deemed defamatory by a previous jury, cast a long shadow over the current trial, adding a layer of bitterness to the already tense atmosphere.

As the trial continues, the question of truth and accountability hangs heavy in the air. Judge Kaplan’s firm hand at the helm may quell some of the immediate tensions, but the emotional weight of the case, the clashing narratives, and the potential for significant consequences for both parties, promise to keep the courtroom drama burning bright.

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