Dua Lipa’s ‘SNL’ Takeover: What You Need To Know!

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A Night of Laughs, Music, and Maybe a Little Cringe

Dua Lipa shimmied into Studio 8H with a jolt of infectious energy that set the night ablaze. The “Future Nostalgia” superstar, fresh off the release of her new album “Radical Optimism”, made her long-awaited ‘Saturday Night Live’ hosting debut – and she definitely delivered on her promise to give us everything.

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Lipa opened her monologue with a cheeky grin, acknowledging her parents’ presence in the audience. “They’re cool, always up for a party,” she shared. “Remember that one time I was out ’til 3 AM, and guess who I stumbled upon at the club?” A playful pause, then the punchline: “Yup, my folks.” Imagine the burning cheeks and the thrill of rebellious freedom swirling in that moment – a little piece of relatable awkwardness that had the crowd roaring.

Speaking of relatable moments, Lipa confronted some of the online buzz around her, like the infamous “give us nothing” meme. A hint of vulnerability flashed in her eyes, but she quickly turned it around, owning the joke: “Did I give you nothing? I gave you the gift of laughter!” And that, folks, is how you take a jab and transform it into a mic-drop moment.

‘SNL’ Takes Aim: From Campus Protests to Dog Scandals

‘SNL’ has never shied away from topical humor, and this week was no exception. The cold open tackled the tense Columbia University protests, featuring Kenan Thompson as the brilliantly frustrated father of a student activist. The internal conflict felt palpable – the pride in his daughter’s passion clashing with that ever-present parental worry.

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And ‘Weekend Update’? Oh boy, it was on fire. Michael Che’s deadpan humor hit hard, drawing sharp parallels between the Columbia protests and college sports riots. The audacity – it was deliciously uncomfortable, bringing that nervous, slightly guilty chuckle to your throat.

Jerry Seinfeld’s surprise cameo was a stroke of genius – the man’s weary exhaustion from relentless ‘Unfrosted’ promotion was a hilarious mirror of real-life media oversaturation. The skit’s descent into addiction territory had an undercurrent of absurdity that made it even funnier.


Kristi Noem’s dog scandal got the satirical ‘SNL’ treatment it deserved. Heidi Gardner, rocking a MAGA hat, was spot-on as the South Dakota Governor, and Dua Lipa’s refusal to help her was a priceless moment. Even better? Jost’s biting commentary on ‘Weekend Update’, especially that Trump-Pence zinger – ouch!

JoJo Siwa Gets the Parody Treatment, and Loves It

The ‘Weekend Update’ parody of JoJo Siwa’s ‘Karma’ was a delightful mix of cringe and hilarity. Chloe Fineman’s spot-on impression of Siwa’s dramatic new look (“Like a figure skater who joined a street gang”) was pure comedy gold. You could almost feel the clash of old and new identities Siwa is navigating – the awkwardness of growing up, amplified by the spotlight. And Siwa’s seal-of-approval? It made the whole thing even sweeter.

Dua Lipa brought down the house, proving that she’s not just a pop sensation but a force in comedy too. This ‘SNL’ episode had it all – sharp social commentary, laugh-out-loud sketches, and a healthy dose of awkward humor. If you missed it, catch the highlights, and prepare to be thoroughly entertained.

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