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Doorley’s Apology: A Moment of Reckoning After Troubling Traffic Stop

In a video statement marked by a somber tone of remorse, Monroe County District Attorney Sandra Doorley has apologized for her behavior during a highly publicized traffic stop. The encounter, captured on police bodycam footage, showed Doorley initially refusing to pull over for a speeding violation, then berating the officer involved.


Doorley owned up to the seriousness of her actions, admitting, “I’ve been humbled by my own stupidity.” Acknowledging the double standard in play, she vowed to hold herself to the same standard of professional conduct she would demand of her own team.

Seeking to address the damage done, Doorley has committed to transparency and accountability. She is inviting a review of her actions by a district attorney from another county, reporting herself to the grievance committee, and will participate in ethics training.

The incident, a stark embarrassment for a law enforcement official, has rippled through the community and beyond. State Senator Jeremy Cooney conveyed the public’s dismay: “We all watched with horror… none of us found that to be acceptable.”

Official Response Splits Along Party Lines

Governor Kathy Hochul swiftly referred the matter to the Commission on Prosecutorial Conduct, tasked with investigating allegations of prosecutorial misconduct. While Senator Cooney calls for a fact-based investigation, acknowledging Doorley’s right to due process, he emphasizes the critical need to restore battered public trust.

Sandra Doorley during her April 22 traffic stop. Photo:  WEBSTER POLICE DEPARTMENT

Even in the face of widespread condemnation, there remains some support for Doorley. Monroe County Republican chairman Patrick Reilly maintains the party’s backing, asserting that everyone deserves a chance at redemption.

The weight of this scandal hangs heavy, and it remains to be seen if Doorley’s apology and pledged actions will be enough to repair her reputation. Meanwhile, the Commission on Prosecutorial Conduct and the Onondaga County District Attorney will conduct their reviews, the outcomes of which will be highly anticipated.

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