Colin Jost’s Epic WHCD Takedown: The Funniest Moments You Need to See!

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Balancing Zing and Heart at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner

The air crackled with nervous laughter as Colin Jost took the stage. He was a sharp contrast against the backdrop of Washington power, the ‘Weekend Update’ comedian ready to roast them all under the gilded chandeliers. With Scarlett Johansson watching, he let the barbs fly.

“Following President Biden’s speech…well, it’s a challenge,” he quipped, the undercurrent of concern about Biden’s age slipping under the joke. His humor was a biting mix of truth and playfulness, landing jabs on everyone from Biden to Lara Trump and Bernie Sanders.

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Jost navigated choppy political waters with his signature wry style. He referenced the decline in Biden’s approval among Black voters, even weaving in a self-deprecating dig: “Like many of you, I fake news for a living. So, in solidarity with President Biden, I figured, why not lose my Black support too?”

He brought up the White House cocaine scandal with a touch of dark absurdity: “Last time I was here, I lost my stash. Glad to see President Biden made it work in his State of the Union!”

From Sharp Humor to a Touch of Humanity

The room hummed with a mix of laughter and shock. It was edgy, but that’s the nature of the beast. Yet, even in the midst of the roast, Jost acknowledged recent global turmoil. His tone tempered, touching upon the dangers of the Israel-Hamas conflict.


As the night wore on, his gaze fell upon his wife. “My wife is my good luck charm,” he told the crowd, a rare flash of genuine warmth. “Thanks for putting up with all the jokes, Scarlett – and for agreeing to meet literally everyone here later.” Her smile in response was a brief, humanizing moment.

But the evening ended on a note that felt both poignant and necessary. Paying tribute to his late grandfather, a Biden voter, Jost’s voice softened. “My grandfather voted for decency, and that’s why we’re here tonight.” He even called Biden a “decent man.” It was a surprising close – a comedian honoring the very heart of the much-mocked political system.

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