A New Year’s Nightmare: Actress Carrie Bernans’ Dramatic Midtown Collision

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It was supposed to be a night of celebration, ringing in the new year with joy and hope. But for Carrie Bernans, known for her roles in blockbuster hits like ” Black Panther and “Avengers: Endgame ,”New Year’s Eve in Midtown turned into a terrifying ordeal.

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As the clock struck midnight, chaos erupted on the streets. Carrie and her friends were trying to leave the Times Square celebrations when a wild scene unfolded. A speeding Mercedes zoomed down 34th Street, going the wrong way, crashing into cars and leaving eight people injured, including two brave cops trying to stop the driver.

The night took a devastating turn for Carrie. She found herself pinned under a cart, a victim of the out-of-control driver. The guy behind the wheel, Mohamed Alaouie, now faces serious charges, including attempted murder, for his reckless rampage.

For Carrie’s mom, Patricia Lee, it’s been a roller-coaster of emotions. Her relief at Carrie’s survival is mixed with worry and the harsh reality of her daughter’s injuries. Carrie’s body is battered and broken, covered in cuts, bruises, and fractures. It’s a tough road ahead with surgeries and intense therapy in the cards.

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Adding to the stress, Carrie, who recently became a mom herself, had to take time off work due to a strike. Now, the medical bills are piling up, and her family has turned to the community for help through a GoFundMe campaign.

Despite the nightmare they’re facing, Patricia counts her blessings. Carrie’s 7-month-old son and her mom weren’t with her during the chaos, keeping them safe from harm.

Through it all, Patricia remains hopeful. She’s looking forward to the day when Carrie can return to Los Angeles, back to pursuing her dreams in the entertainment world. She sees the new year as a chance for recovery and a fresh start, despite its rocky beginning.

For the Bernans family, the support and love from friends and strangers mean everything. As they navigate this tough journey, they cling to hope and remain grateful for every bit of help that comes their way.

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