90s Favorites and More Unveiled at Summer Game Fest!

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A Roundup of Sizzlin’ Reveals and Surprises

The curtains have closed on Summer Game Fest 2024, but the hype for the upcoming gaming season is burning bright! This year’s showcase was a smorgasbord of announcements, trailers, and reveals, offering something for every kind of gamer. Let’s dive into the highlights that had fans buzzing.

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For the Nostalgic Gamer:

  • Get ready to relive your childhood with the Lego brick-tacular Lego Horizon Adventures! Team up with a friend and explore a charming, blocky version of Aloy’s post-apocalyptic world.
  • Buckle up for some 90s beat-em-up action with Power Rangers: Rita’s Rewind! Punch your way through hordes of Putties and iconic villains as the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.
  • Prepare to side-scroll through another dimension with the long-awaited release of Among Us’ animated series! This first look promises to capture the chaotic fun of the original game.

For the Story-Driven Gamer:

  • David Wreden, the mastermind behind The Stanley Parable, is back with Wanderstop! This seemingly cozy tea shop simulator promises a dark secret lurking beneath the surface. Will you find solace or something more sinister?
  • Dive into the brutal world of monster hunting with Monster Hunter Wilds, featuring crossplay for PC and consoles! Team up with friends across platforms to take down gigantic beasts in 2025.

For the Action Junkie:

  • Unleash your inner hero in Kunitsu-Gami: Path of the Goddess, slashing your way through enemies as a fierce kunoichi warrior. This action game arrives in July for PC and consoles.
  • Gear up for some high-octane ninja action with Phantom Blade Zero! A world tour demo is kicking off this summer, so you can try out the breakneck combat firsthand.

For the Competitive Gamer:

  • Valorant is bringing its tactical shooter thrills to PlayStation and Xbox consoles! A limited beta test starts next week, so get ready to hone your skills before the full release.
  • Street Fighter 6 is getting a Season 2 injection of classic characters! Go head-to-head with Terry Bogard, Mai Shiranui, M. Bison, and Elena in the upcoming content updates.

For the Completionist:

  • The wait is over! The First Descendant, a free-to-play sci-fi looter shooter, blasts onto the scene on July 2nd. Get ready for some fast-paced exo-suit action.
  • Alan Wake fans, rejoice! The chilling first DLC for Alan Wake 2, Night Springs, is out tomorrow! Prepare for a mind-bending experience that ties into the world of Control.
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For the Monster Tamer:

  • Palworld is expanding its adorable monster-catching world with the Sakurajima Update! New Pals, a new island, a raised level cap, and dedicated Xbox servers are all coming your way later this month.

For the MMO Enthusiast:

  • New World: Aeternum, an enhanced version of the popular MMO, launches this October! This iteration includes all previous content, a massive PvP zone, solo end-game challenges, and cross-play between PC and consoles.

This is just a taste of the exciting announcements from Summer Game Fest 2024. With release dates locked in and demos on the horizon, the coming months are packed with games to quench your thirst for adventure, nostalgia, or pure adrenaline-pumping action. So, mark your calendars, fire up your consoles, and get ready to dive into the hottest titles of the summer!

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